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To Rent Out

Casa Rental Services, rents real estate based on a minimum period of one year. Centrally located property with a rental price of a € 1.000,00 minimum per month can be provided with a tennant on short notice. The bigger part of our customers are employees of multinationals that need a home in the Netherlands for a certain period. Casa Rental Services has contacts with a large number of companies and institutes in the area. From banks and insurance companies to IT companies and medical organizations. We help you to find your way easily and quickly.

Our selection of tennants is very precise. Every potential tennant is subject to a personal intake conversation. We guarantee you a trustable tennant. Somebody that fits your property and that looks after it as well. Casa Rental Services sets up the contract based on both your wishes and the tennants wishes. The maintenance level will be inspected and reported. If a furnished house is involved we provide you with tips to make an inventorylist of any valuables (paintings or antique).

Casa Rental Services: quick, personal and trustable.


Casa Rental Services
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